NGOs call out Amazon and Ebay for selling mercury-laden skincare

In an initiative led by The Mercury Policy Project (MPP), an international coalition of over 95 public interest, environmental and health groups, the activist NGOs sent letters to Amazon and eBay after allegedly identifying 19 skin lightening creams sold on both sites that contain what they call “illegal mercury levels.”According to the MPP, these creams have mercury levels “thousands of times higher than the legal limit of 1 part per million (ppm)” allowed in the U.S. คำพูดจาก สล็อตเว็บตรง

In tests conducted by the MPP and environmental NGO the Sierra Club, these cosmetics – including Sandal Whitening Beauty Cream, Face Fresh Beauty Cream, and others – were fo…

Swifties Pre-Order a Mysterious Celeb Memoir

Tess Hanson has been a Taylor Swift fan since the singer’s self-titled debut album came out in 2006. So it’s no surprise that nearly 20 years later, Hanson decided to spend $47 to preorder an untitled book simply because there is a slim chance that it may be Swift’s memoir.

“Most fans don’t stick with an artist for that long,” says Hanson, who lives in Ohio. “I just decided that she was going to be the person that I looked to for support in my life.”

On Monday, the publisher Flatiron Books kicked off a frenzy of speculation over a potential book release from Swift, announcing a “major nonfiction book this summer, with the title and author to be announced on June 13.” The book, currently called 4C Untitled Flatir…