UK police find one of world’s biggest ever haul of fakes in Manchester

More than 580 tonnes of goods were found in 206 shipping containers on the outskirts of Manchester with police calling the seizure the largest in UK history, the largest in Europe in nearly two decades and one of the biggest ever worldwide.Counterfeits remain a huge problem for the fashion and beauty industries and reports said the find included “monumental quantities” of fake designer clothing. Meanwhile the discovery also led to factories that were making fragrances and the scary thing was that they were using chemicals including screen wash and white spirit.

It took two weeks for more than 100 officials to crack open the containers and process all the items discovered.An investigation is now under way to trace the source of the haul and to ensure those involved are arrested, police saidคำพูดจาก Game Casino. No arrests seem to have been made yetDetective Inspector Christian Julien, from Operation Vulcan, said the discovery of the containers puts Greater Manchester Police “in the top three worldwide for a single seizure of counterfeit items”.He also stressed the negative impact counterfeiting has saying that “criminals are making vast amounts of money from this trade which is being funnelled into fuelling further criminality, exploitation, and misery not just in Manchester, but across the world.”
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